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In our IDM Dialysis Centers, Quality Standards in Health – (SKS) Dialysis Set As a reference, ensuring the safety of our patients and employees and the satisfaction of our patients and employees, as well as effective, effective, on time And justiceOur aim is to provide service within the framework of t.

Our goals

Quality Standards in Health - Dialysis Set, taking into account the Patient Safety targets of the World Health Organization and the priorities and needs of our country, we also provide the reason for ensuring quality in our centers. our quality goals We have determined this as a priority for implementation.

Our quality targets we set:  Patient Safety, Patient Focus, Healthy Working Life, Continuity, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Efficiency, Appropriateness, Timeliness, Equity.

We address these goals in two categories in our centers.

Our first category goalsOrganizational goals is; (includes our goals that show how we deliver the services of our centers. (Effectiveness, Effectiveness, Productivity, Healthy Working Life)

Our organizational goals;

  • In our planned goals:Effective" achieve results,
  • All our planned and carried out works effectivenessto control and ensure continuity, (doing our jobs right the first time and every time)
  • In order to achieve our goals, we use the right and minimum resources in accordance with the quality standards in health.Efficiency" to increase. (achieving the goal the first time using minimal resources)
  • Our employees, “Healthy Working LifeTo ensure the creation of an ideal and safe working environment and infrastructure so that they can continue their work.

Our second category goals: From our centers service areas It concerns (our patients) directly and includes our responsibilities towards them.  are our goals. (Patient Safety, Equity, Patient-centeredness, Convenience, Timeliness, Continuity)

Our Goals, which include our Responsibilities towards our Patients;

  • By carrying out all the precautions and improvement activities we have taken to keep all foreseen dangers that may cause harm to all patients and their relatives treated in our dialysis centers at an acceptable level of risk.Our Patient Safety" to ensure.
  • "To ensure that all our patients receiving treatment in our dialysis centers benefit from equal rights based solely on their treatment and care needs, without any discrimination, and that all our service processes are secured.""Equity"to behave properly.
  • In all the services we offer to our patients, we take into account our patients' wishes, needs, expectations and values in our treatment and care services.“Patient Focused” aspect approach and ensure the active participation of our patients in the treatment and care processes.
  • "In any medical procedure and process that is decided to be applied to our patients, a doctor's prescription and approval must first be obtained, and our procedures and the health of our patients will be more beneficial than harmful."SuitableActing as ”.
  • We provide treatment and care services in our centers in the most appropriate and acceptable manner according to the needs of our patients. "Time” to present in the range. (performing our treatment & care services at the promised time)
  • Continuity of the medical services we provide to our patients in cooperation with other disciplines and after the completion of their treatments.Continuity" to ensure.