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What is Diet Therapy?

It is an approach to managing or treating various health problems through healthy eating plans. diet therapyis customized according to the individual's lifestyle and health status. It is guided by dietitians or nutritionists.

Who Can Get Diet Treatment?

Diet Therapy

It is a method that can be applied to people with various health conditions. This treatment helps people achieve their health goals through lifestyle changes and special nutrition plans.

Special diet is required to keep blood sugar under control. Diets that are low in salt, low in fat, and keep cholesterol under control are recommended. Diets that help reduce blood pressure by restricting salt intake are implemented.

Diets that control protein and mineral intake may be required. Special diets, such as the low-FODMAP diet, are aimed at relieving the digestive system. Special diets are planned to restrict purine intake.

Iron-rich diet plans are recommended. Dietary adjustments are made for specific deficiencies. Weight loss is aimed with calorie-restricted and balanced nutrition programs.

Nutrition plans that support healthy and balanced weight gain are recommended. Balanced nutrition plans are implemented to feel more energetic and improve overall health.

It is prepared taking into account each individual's unique health condition and needs. Therefore, it is important to work with an expert health professional such as a dietitian for the diet plan to be successful.

What Does Diet Therapy Do?

diet therapyIt is an approach that helps treat various health problems by adopting healthy eating habits.

  • A special diet plan is made to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent complications.
  • The risk of heart diseases is reduced with diets that lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • To protect kidney functions, diets that regulate protein and sodium intake are applied.
  • Obesity and overweight problems are controlled with balanced and low-calorie diets.
  • Nutritious and calorie-rich diets are planned for those who want to gain weight in a healthy way.
  • Special diet for digestive disorders relaxes the digestive system and reduces symptoms.
  • Intestinal health is supported with foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Deficiencies such as iron, calcium and vitamin D are eliminated with special nutrition plans.
  • With adequate and balanced nutrition, general energy levels and quality of life are increased.
  • Healthy eating habits reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals strengthens the immune system.
  • Healthy nutrition supports mental health and contributes to the management of problems such as depression.
  • Special diets that increase energy and performance are applied for athletes and active individuals.
  • It improves the general health of individuals by providing long-term healthy eating habits.
  • Individuals are provided with information and awareness about proper nutrition.

It is a comprehensive approach that helps individuals achieve their health goals and live healthy lives. This treatment is prepared and applied individually by expert dietitians and nutritionists.

How is Diet Treatment Done?

Diet Therapy

diet therapyIt is an approach that helps treat various health problems by adopting healthy eating habits.

As a first step, the individual's health history, current health status and nutritional habits are examined in detail. This assessment is supported by physical measurements and, if necessary, laboratory tests. Health goals are determined and short- and long-term plans are created to achieve these goals.

The appropriate calorie target is determined by calculating the individual's daily energy needs. A personalized nutrition plan is prepared by ensuring macro and micronutrient balance. Appropriate diets are created for special situations.

Individuals are given information about food preferences, portion control and healthy eating habits. This training helps to gain healthy eating habits.

The individual's progress is monitored with regular check-ups and changes are made to the diet plan when necessary. Body composition is monitored regularly. Psychological support is provided so that the individual can maintain his motivation. Group therapies or individual counseling services are offered when necessary.

diet therapyIt is a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of life of individuals. Dietitians personalize this process to the individual's needs, helping them achieve the best results.

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